Sofa center is owned by Mr. Atiq Mir and sons, and this business has been in service for 3 generations, first started by Mr. Atiq Mir’s father in the year 1954.
At Sofa Center, since the beginning of the Sofa business, we’ve aimed to provide unique designs and quality sofas with exemplary service because we believe that our customers, especially who are passionate about their interiors and trust us, deserve the best.
We are proud of our expert craftsmen, who are very much dedicated to their work and show serious involvement in crafting the best sofas and quality of work which is prominent in the sofas they manufacture.
Our knowledgeable showroom staff is none other than the owners them self which guarantees that we work, not just to attract customers but to make sure to deliver the same quality that we promise at the time of taking orders.
We have our very own workshop at the fourth floor of our showroom which is open to visit by anyone who wishes to visit for quality satisfaction and to see the material we use in the manufacture of our Sofas.
After you choose a design, our skilled craftsmen in the workshop, get to work and deliver the sofas usually within 6-7 working days after your order placement.
We craft with Perfection !